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Acheulian The most ancient Goddess.
A Kwa Ba The Primal Mother.
Ammon The Egyptian Ram God.
Aphrodite Patroness of natural growth.
Ariadne Ruled by priestess-queens for two millennia, it was in Crete, for the last time in recorded history [that] a spirit of harmony between men and women as joyful,equal participants in life [pervades], says Eisler.
Arianrhod Celtic Moon-Mother Goddess.
Artemis The Huntress.
Asherah The original bread of life.
Astarte The Lady of the Beasts.
Athena Mentor of Spiritual Quests.
Aulnay Foliate Head images were central to the ancient Celtic cultures of pre-Christian Europe, and symbolized fertility, prophecy, inspiration and regeneration.
Avaloketishwara Redeemer of Humanity.
Baal Lord of the High Places.
Babaji Supreme Master of Kriya Yoga.
Bacchus Roman name for the Greek god Dionysos, he was the orgiastic deity of bacchanalia, the religious wine festivals held throughout the empire.
Bast Her holy city Bubastis possessed Egypt's greatest temple.
Brahma The Creator Archetype. Called the Grandfather of the Worlds, Brahma is the First Person of the Hindu trinity and is depicted in standing posture with four faces, witnessing the totality of his created universes.
Brigit Goddess of Healing, Smithcraft, and Queenship.
Brisingamen Disk The Sacred Marriage of Frey and Freya is shown in this pictograph dating from about 500 BCE and discovered in Maltagarden, Denmark.
Buddha Amitaba Symbol of Self-Realization.
Chacmool This oldest Mayan fertility god was a four-fold deity dwelling at the cardinal points who became one to dispense crop-quenching rain from his sprinkler gourd.
Chaitanya Seeker of Spiritual Ecstasy.
Cybele / Rhea Mother Earth.
Cycladic Nude The polar opposite of the large- breasted Willendorf type of birth-giving Goddess, she is the Neolithic equivalent of the Crone, an anthropomorphised image of Transition/ Death.
Dakini Goddess of Life's Turning Points.
Demeter / Ceres Goddess of Grain.
Demeter / Persephone An archetype of healing.
Dhanvantari Lord of Ayurvedic Healing.
Diana Of Ephesus Goddess of the Amazons.
Diana With Hound Goddess of the wild beasts and glens, her crescent bow symbolized the moon.
Dijon Foliate Head images were central to the ancient Celtic cultures of pre-Christian Europe, and symbolized fertility, prophecy, inspiration and regeneration.
Dionysos Lord of Grain, Leaf and Vine Partaking of his symbolic flesh and blood (bread and wine) was central to the Eleusinian mystery cult.
Durga - Devi Symbol of Cosmic Harmony.
Durga Jagadhatri The Great Mother Goddess.
Epona / Rhiannon The Mare Goddess.
Frey Nordic God of Rain and Sun.
Freya Goddess of Love and Fertility.
Freya On Boar She was the Nordic Goddess of Spring, Fertility and Love, and as Queen of the Valkyeries sometimes carried a sword.
Ganesh An archetype of All-Wisdom and Beneficence.
Gargoyles Designed as rain spouts on Medieval cathedrals, over following centuries they became associated with guardianship, spiritual protection and magic.
Gayatri Goddess of Mantric Power.
Gobniu / Kernunnos Of Bordeaux This tri-cephalic bust depicts the forest god of the Celts in his most potent form.
Goddess Of Dolni Vestonice Unlike the featureless Willendorf Goddess, this Goddess has prominent eyes, which are emphasized by the stream-marks flowing from them and down her breasts.
Green Man Green Man is a generic name for the archetypes Aulnay, Dijon, Llangwm, Suton Benger, and Neptune.
Hanuman The symbol of Devotion and Service.
Hecate Triformus The Triple Goddess.
Hermes Messenger of the Gods - The Magus.
Hotei Often called the Laughing Buddha, is the Japanese god of good fortune.
Inanna Of Fertility The Queen of Heaven and Earth.
Inanna Of Power Goddess of Battle.
Ishtar Of Mari Babylonian culture flowered from 600 to 200 BCE.
Isis Winged Isis was a Protectress, an aspect of her Mother Goddess function, and her winged image symbolizes this enfoldment.
Isis With Horus At the apex of her influence, this Goddess of Rebirth was worshipped throughout the Greco-Roman world.
Ixchel Crone Storm Goddess of Healing and Transformation.
Ixchel Of Fertility As a mother goddess she was the inventor of sewing, and was portrayed as the Weaver of the World.
Ixchel World-Weaver Mayan Goddess childbirth and healing.
Jagannath Deities This remarkable trio depict dark-skinned Jagannatha (Krishna), glowing Subhadra (Krishna's sister), and sturdy Baladeva, their protective elder brother.
Kali Goddess in the aspect of Liberator.
Kali - Shiva Goddess of Tantrika (Divine Union), The Black One, the Mother in malignant aspect, garlanded with severed demon heads and girdled with hands from the cremation ground, does her eternal dance of destruction.
Kalki Tenth and final avatar (incarnation of Godhead) of Vishnu, this is the pale horse, pale rider who comes at the end of the present chaotic era of Kali.
Kartikeya / Murugan Archetype of the Spiritual Warrior The serpent at his feet indicates that this second son of Shiva is an extension of the Supreme's power.
Kernunnos Of Gundesrup The Horned One The Celtic Father of Animals with his companion Stag and Boar is an archetype of mature masculine energy in balance with the natural world.
Kernunnos Of Reims Here the antlered Celtic Lord of the Animals is depicted with bull, stag, and a sack from which pours forth a stream of either grain or gold coins.
Kernunnos Of Ste. Germaine Seated yoga-like upon a dais he wears a torc and a robe of woolen folds.
Kerridwin The Welsh Triple Goddess.
Krishna The Divine Ecstatic.
Kuan-Yin Chinese Goddess of Mercy.
Kuan-Yin Nepali Goddess of Mercy.
Kurukulla Tibetan Red Tara.
Lugh Celtic Lord of Every Skill.
Laussel Goddess This stylized depiction of the Great Mother dates to 20,000 BCE.
Laxmi - Vishnu Archetype of Masculine-Feminine Balance.
Le Puy Black Madonna As Virgin and Mother she incorporated the two faces of the ancient triple goddess (Virgin, Matron, Crone) which were least threatening to the church, but her continuity with archaic virgin goddesses is indisputable.
Lilith Dating to 2300 BCE or earlier, Lilith is the first feminist.
Lion God Carved of mammoth-bone, the original of this superb lion-headed man, unearthed in 1969 in South Germany and dated to 30,000 BCE is a Paleolithic precursor of the later "Lord of the Animals" archetype.
Llangwm Foliate Head images were central to the ancient Celtic cultures of pre-Christian Europe, and symbolized fertility, prophecy, inspiration and regeneration.
Lunar Madonna And Child From a 15th century woodcut by the German master Albrecht Durer, this image connects the Queen of Heaven with her ancient roots of maternal and natural cycles.
Monserrat Black Madonna Her dark image appears across Europe and is passionately venerated in hundreds of locales.
Morrigan Celtic Goddess of Destruction/Creation Elaborated from an Epona plaque, this image depicts the Irish triple goddess: Ana, the fertility maiden; Badb, the boiling mother cauldron, producer of life; and Macha, the death-crone symbolized by the carrion-...
Mahavira The Great Hero of Jainism.
Matronae The Celtic Triple Mothers.
Medusa Gorgon Goddess of Righteous Wrath.
Meher Baba Christ Avatar of the Present Age.
Minerva Goddess of Wisdom.
Minotaur This symbol of propagation (also known as the Bull God) from the pastoral era of the late Neolithic is the most ancient and widespread masculine image of God.
Mirabai Seeker of Spiritual Ecstasy.
Mithras A Persian, Zoroastrian and Vedic deity, he was the most widely venerated god in the Roman Empire at the time of Christ.
Narasinha The Death Of Greed.
Neptune An archetype related to the Green Man.
Net Goddess Dating from 700 BCE, this image comes from central Greece but replicates designs from Minoan Crete executed 2000 years earlier; this time span emphasisizes the cultural importance of the barrel-womb shaped lady of fertility.
Nile River Goddess For the ancient Egyptians, who called themselves the Kemi, her hook-shaped hands symbolized Regeneration.
Nike Goddess of victory and daughter of Styx. This fierce river goddess became associated with Pallas Athena by Hellenic times, although she appeared on vases and urns of much more antique origin.
Odin Lord of Wisdom, Death & Magic.
Osiris Godhead as Resurrection.
Osun The Orisa of Love and Sensuality.
Oya Warrior Goddess of the Wind.
Pan Ancient God of Sacrificial Fertility.
Parvati - Shiva Godhead as Beneficent Union.
Pashupati The Horned God.
Pensive Pan Ancient God of Sacrificial Fertility.
Rama Exemplar of Spiritual Conduct.
Rhada - Krishna Represents humanity's longing for Union with the Absolute.
Rising Earth Mother Her cone-shaped headdress or "omphalos" symbolizes a mother's pregnant belly, and the triple poppy headdress represents the resurgent fecundity of Spring.
Sankaracharya Born in the 8th century AD he is the great mystic, saint, poet and philosopher of Hindu reform.
Santadi Nude The polar opposite of the large- breasted Willendorf type of birth-giving Goddess, she is the Neolithic equivalent of the Crone, an anthropomorphised image of Transition/ Death.
Sarasvati The archetype of Human Creativity As consort of Brahma, Sarasvati is the Goddess of learning and the creative sciences.
Satya Sai Baba Venerated by hundreds of millions in India and abroad, the god-man Sai Baba is the greatest living Hindu guru and saint.
Satyros Liberator of Sensual Inhibitions.
Satyr / Herne The Intelligence of Nature.
Sequana, Celtic River Goddess At Fontes Sequanae, the source of Seine near Dijon, she was worshipped since perhaps 500 BCE.
Serpent Goddess Of Crete The energy exuded by the spiraling, coiling snake, exemplifying fertility, regeneration, and the mysterious underworld, was worshipped in Crete as early as 6000 BCE.
Shaman Of Trois Freres This thirty-inch tall magical figure is carved into a ceiling chamber of Trois Freres, a paleolithic hunter's initiation cave in southern France.
Shango The Orisa of Courage, Intelligence and Truth.
Sheela-Na-Gig The Goddess Displaying Her Parts.
Shirdi Sai Baba Hindu ritual focuses on mantra, yantra, and mudra (sacred invocations, diagrams, and gestures) as well as identifying with murtis, or statues, representing Godhead.
Shiva - Mahadev Symbol of inner balance.
Shiva - Nataraj The Dancer of Creation.
Shiva - Shakti The Spousal pair Shiva-Shakti (Yab-Yum) is a tantric consort image.
Shiva Ardanariswara Godhead as Divine Union.
Shiva With Nandi Godhead as Meditative Bliss.
Sita-Rama The Sacred Marriage.
Snake Goddess Associated with mysterious waters and with annual renewal through shedding of skin, snakes were benevolent power animals of the Goddess since Paleolithic times.
Sri Laxmi The Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity.
Stiff Nude Goddesses The polar opposite of the large-breasted Willendorf type of birth-giving Goddess, she is the Neolithic equivalent of the Crone, an anthropomorphised image of Transition/ Death.
Suton Benger Foliate Head images were central to the ancient Celtic cultures of pre-Christian Europe, and symbolized fertility, prophecy, inspiration and regeneration.
Tara Mother Goddess who answers human supplication.
The Dagda The Good God.
The Torc Ritual Symbol of the Horned Crescent.
Thor The Thunderer.
Tinotzin The local bishop had virtually enslaved the native Aztecas of Guadalupe (modern Mexico City) when she appeared four times to Juan Diego in December 1510, a scant 10 years after conquistadores had destroyed the indigenous culture.
Triple Isis Mother Goddess Of Birth, Life and Death.
Tyr Giver of Victory He was Odin's second son, the bravest of the gods.
Uma Lady of the Mountains.
Valkyrie The Choser of the Slain.
Venus Goddess of Sexual Love.
Vesta With Pales Goddess of Household Harmony.
Vishnu The archetype of the Husbandman, the All-Pervasive Sustainer Depicted as a mighty king, Vishnu is a kind and adaptable god who works continuously for the world's welfare.
Willendorf Goddess This is Gaia, Mother Earth in all her raw and fertile splendor.
Year King Two varieties of masculine fertility deity come down from pre-history.
Yemayah The Orisa of the Ocean and Motherhood.
Yogic Christ Divinity at one with Nature.
Yoni-Lingam Emblem of Fertility and Divine Union.
Zazen Buddha His fingers cupped and thumbs touching, this image depicts the classic posture of Chinese and Japanese contemplative practice.

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