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Shiva With Nandi

Shiva - Shakti The spousal pair Shiva-Shakti (Yab-Yum) is a tantric consort image. At once the most sacred and the most mysterious path to higher consciousness, tantra is the Sacred Union of opposites. Taoists refer to these energies as yin (from yoni, i.e., the receptive principle) and yang (the active principle). Bly, Jung and Nin point out that each individual must achieve an inner marriage of their masculine and feminine natures to encounter true balance. Hindu consort pairs epitomizing this psychic symbolism are superb representations of the social, sexual and sacred interconnectedness of women and men. This conjunction of Shiva and Shakti expresses the sacredness of sexuality as a path to spiritual union.

Shiva-Shakti 4 inch.

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