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Minotaur This symbol of propagation (also known as the Bull God) from the pastoral era of the late Neolithic is the most ancient and widespread masculine image of God. As Nandi (Joyous), the ornately decorated bull-vehicle of Shiva, his species is sacred through 10,000 years of Hindu tradition. Nandi as Bull-Man (Nandikeshvara) is identical with Cretan Minotaur, and was equated with sun, fertility, and the phallic plow and ax. A version of the sacred bull-games (taurokatharpsia) is still extant in Iberian culture. Both Zeus and Christ were born in the bull's dwelling, and our Germanic (Gott) and English (God) words for deity derive from Indo-European Go, the Bull. In prehistory both the Bull and his serpentine labyrinth were fertility aspects of the Great Goddess as well.

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