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Triple Isis Mother Goddess Of Birth, Life and Death. This dark-skinned African trio is perhaps the oldest example of the trinitarian ancient goddess. Cat Goddess Bast is her lunar/fertility aspect, holding ankh (a tantric life-force symbol) in her left hand and sacred poppy in her right. With her sun-disc/moon crescent crown, Isis Queen of Heaven and Earth represents the Mother Goddess aspect. She is the prototype of the Mother of God later adopted by Christian tradition. Sekmet the ravaging lioness, with her burning solar eye, is the goddess's destroyer/devourer aspect. Each of these 3 goddesses is $18 each.

Pictured from Left to Right:
#SEK 8" Sekmet $18
#BA 6" Bast $18
#IQ 8" Isis $18

Also available:
#GSEK 8" Sekmet, handpainted in gold $22
#GBA 6" Bast, handpainted in gold $22
#GIQ 8" Isis, handpainted in gold $22

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$18 ea

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