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Ariadne "Ruled by priestess-queens for two millennia, it was in Crete, for the last time in recorded history [that] a spirit of harmony between men and women as joyful,equal participants in life [pervades]," says Eisler. Minoan culture was a Goddess-worshiping inheritance from Egypt, later passed on to Mycenaean Greece and Philistine Canaan. Ariadne, the High Fruitful Mother, is a lunar fertility Goddess whose athletic prowess evolved into huntress Diana and many-breasted Ephesian Artemis. Serpents, symbolic of rebirth, were ritually handled by her oracle-giving priestesses, whose bare-breasted costumes suggest the sacred role of sexuality in the culture. Trances and ecstatic dance celebrated the annual rebirth of Ariadne's son-lover Dionysos (Deo Knossos). The sudden end of Crete's peaceful matrilineal Golden Age through flood and earthquake gave rise to the Atlantis legend.
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