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Hermes Messenger of the Gods - The Magus. This androgynous trickster god was understood to contain within his body the Goddess Aphrodite , and thus is the original bisexual deity, the "hermaphrodite." Hermes is a universal Indo-European archetype of extreme antiquity, equivalent to Hindu Shiva Ardanariswara and Buddha , to Roman Mercury, as well as to the Germanic gods Teutatis and Woden. His tantric double serpent wand (caduceus) signifies the magic of masculine-feminine balance. The sign of the cross originally invoked the four sacred directions of Hermes, and phallic stones called herms , protected all Greco-Roman crossroads. He is shown wearing Etruscan peasant hat, carrying a sacrificial ram and wearing winged sandals. He was considered the Master Philosopher in Arab, Greek and medieval cultures; note the inward-staring gaze of hermetic knowledge.

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