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Satyros/Priapus Liberator of Sensual Inhibitions. From 550 BCE onwards his libidinous form on vases and amphoras accompanies most depictions of Dionysos and his maenads. Wildly dancing, hugely endowed, satyrs were shown with horse's tail and hoof, sometimes garbed as female, often engaged in pranks or contorted sexual coupling with each other, with men or with women. The Satyros persona was adapted by costumed men during annual vintage rites of Dionysos and gave license for bacchanalian revelry and ceremonial stage dancing, out of which developed the Greek chorus as well as the genres of comedy and tragedy. As the emotional and sexual core of the ancient agrarian religion became repressed by rationality and patriarchy, Satyros energy created an erotic rebalancing. Celebrations such as Fasching, Carnival or Mardi Gras are modern expressions of Satyros' wild legacy.

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