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Diana With Hound

Diana Of Ephesus Goddess of the Amazons. Ancient worship focused on the nature goddesses Isis-Ishtar-Inanna and called Her Queen of Heaven. By Roman times she is called Diana; yet at Ephesus in Anatolia Her worship was most profound under the names Mother of Animals, Many-Breasted Artemis. Columnar, wearing a unique ritual garment adorned with animals, her crown and staringgaze incorporate Astarte, while Her moon disc and horned beasts evoke Diana. Her temple built by Amazons (undoubtedly matrilineal priestesses), was one of the wonders of the ancient world, a goal of devout pilgrimage. In AD 380 her shrine was rededicated to Mary, whose old age and death Church legend placed at Ephesus. Note the similarity of posture, palms bestowing blessing, with countless images of Mary.

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