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Babaji Master of Kriya Yoga. Teachings of the great Bengali mystics Paramahansa Yoganananda and Satyeswarananda Giri define the Kriya Yoga lineage, familiarly known in the West as the Self-Realization Fellowship. The wisdom of Kriya was received by these mystics over many years from the Great Silent Guru (Mahamouni), Babaji, who has lived miraculously in the high Himalayas for thousands of years. The core of Kriya, destruction of the ego and Realization of the Higher Self, comes about by invoking Babaji in silent meditation and exercises. Depicted as in this meditating image, Babaji imparted the wisdom of kriya to devotees throughout the 1800s. In recent times Leonard Orr and other students have met the saint in a newly materialized and youthful body, residing near the north Indian city of Haldwani. Calling himself Herakhan Babaji, he continues to reveal miracles and offer Self-knowledge, divine love and healing to all who meditate on his divine form.

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