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Ganesh An archetype of All-Wisdom and Beneficence. The deity of good fortune, new ventures, wisdom and removal of obstacles, his attributes are shell, discus, club and water lily, held in each of his four hands, and his vehicle is a rat. Huge yet gentle, humble enough to ride upon the insignificant rat, his figure in its totality represents the indivisible universe. In his dancing form, serpent-belted, Ganesh evokes the tremendous creative power of his father Shiva. Lotuses at his feet magnify Ganesh's fertility.
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#G8 8" Ganesh $40
#G 4" Ganesh $25
#G12 12" Ganesh $79
#MG 2" Ganesh mini $4
#GD 8" Ganesh, Dancing $30
#GS 7" Ganesh, Standing $28

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