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Moon Water Altar
by Greenmanbear

"My altar to Sekhmet (as the universal Shakti/BABALON)
Love is the Law Love under Will"
by Angela

Altar by Nigel

Altar by Gaia Gal
"My altar to the Goddess in my craft/computer room! The icons on the wall in violet and black were made by me a few years ago."
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Altar of the Æsir
by PunkkRokk

Bast Altar by Carole
"Here is a picture of my altar. There is an image of Bast with harp, drum and sistrum to honor her. Hope you like it."

Laxshmi altar
Lakshmi Altar by Rev. Laurie Sue
(author of A Goddess Is A Girl's Best Friend)
"Hi -- I finally got a shot of my Lakshmi altar and would love to share Her with your visitors. Blessings, Laurie Sue
(photo by Rev. Vic Fuhrman)

Imbolc altar by KMAGJ

Altar by Nantala
"This is my altar constructed with the principles of Druidry in mind."

Wiccan Altar
by Morgaene

Altar by Anysia
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Artemis Altar by Chris
"My altar Altar to Artemis, with Thoth, Kuan Yin, Tara, Maat, Isis, Khnum, Sobek, Athena, Dionysus, Osiris, Serkhet, Sekhmet, Nephthys, Neith, Anubis, and Hathor."

Altar by Lynette
"Here is a photo of my altar - made from a cigar box and lots of special little bits and pieces. It is set on the table that I use for study and meditation every morning.

Altar by FoxLuc
"This is an altar dedicated to Bast."

Altar by Alex
"This is my Germanic altar. Odin is above whilst Freya and Freyr are on either side. They are consecrated living entities on my altar."
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Altar photo
Altar by FoxLuc
"This is my This is my altar as it stands year round. It is devoted to Isis and Kephera."
Altar photo
Altar by Akasha and Greg
"This is the altar we erected after our handfasting. It is a permanent altar in our living room."
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Altar by Michael
"I am sending a picture of my altar and meditation area. I have it set up all year round in my bedroom and use it for prayer and meditation. It is mostly Hindu with several statues from Sacred Source (Kartikeya, Jagannath and Kali), but does have some meditative tools from Tibetan Buddhism. I hope you like it.
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Weekly Altar Photo
Altar by Indian Wind
This is a picture of our altar in the day time. I have the goddess symbol on the left and the god on the right with a candle to represent each one. The north candle is in the center. This is a Wiccan altar."

Ostara Altar by Kerry
Kartikeya statue #KKLord & Lady statue #LLNorse Frey #NFNorse Freya #NFRLugh statue #LUWillendorf statue #MWHecate statue #H4Circle of Goddesses statue #COGPriestess of the Elements #GPSerpent Goddess #SGCWillendorf statue #MWSaraswati statue #SKali statue #MKGanesh statue #TGGanesh statue #TGsee more altars

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